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The Tuscaloosa Squadron in the News

April 2023 – Congratulations to C/2dLt David Doyle on attaining his Private Pilot License. Doyle used the squadron's Cessna 172S/G1000 for all of his training. His instructor was Capt Edward Todd, CFII. Doyle has been accepted by the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. Read more here ...




October 2022 – Tuscaloosa Composite Squadron and Alabama Wing of Civil Air Patrol celebrate the 92nd birthday and the 80th anniversary of CAP membership of Lt Col Robert (Bob) Haver. The cities of Tuscaloosa and Northport both honored him with proclamations.

October 2017 – Several Tuscaloosa Civil Air Patrol pilots and crew members spent three days at the Andalusia airport this week helping to train new Army air traffic controllers from Fort Rucker. With their portable precision radar systems, the ground controllers would guide the CAP airplanes in approaches to the runway, where they would do a low pass and circle back for more.

Great experience for the Tuscaloosa crews and the Army was really appreciative of the training their students received. Looks like it will be a continuing program.

August 2017 – The Tuscaloosa Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol hosted nearly 100 members of the Alabama Wing for an Air Force Evaluation. Under a ‘simulated’ hurricane event, the Alabama Wing responded to numerous search and rescue missions, aerial photography missions for flooded and damaged areas, communications, and much more. A Wing wide event that included Cadets as well as Senior members. At the end of the day the Air Force rated the Alabama Wing with its highest award of “Outstanding” for the response and efficiency of operations.

August 2016 – Local Tuscaloosa Squadron members assist the Air Force  with a drone escort mission in Syracuse, Ny. Before launching of a MQ-9 from its new training site at Syracuse Hancock, a CAP piloted aircraft will take flight. Once the MQ-9 is airborne, the CAP plane will trail it, with the two aircraft staying within 500-1,000 feet of each other. The CAP aircrew will remain with the MQ-9 until it has reached restricted military airspace. Read more on the CAP Volunteer Now website.

May 2016 – Civil Air Patrol Cadet 1st Lt. Antonio Esposito of the Tuscaloosa Composite Squadron and CAP Cadet Lt. Col. Ava Michl of the Bessemer Composite Squadron show Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James a “quadcopter” during her visit to National Headquarters Wednesday. Read more on the Air Force website.

February 2015 – Tuscaloosa Civil Air Patrol member Lt. Col. Bob Haver was honored by Mayor Walt Maddox and the City Council for his Civil Air Patrol Service. His service extends back to WWII.

January 2014 – Local Cadet Austin Holliman has received the Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award,  the highest national Civil Air Patrol cadet award. Read the story in The Tuscaloosa News.

January 2014 – A Tuscaloosa member qualifies for the Green Flag program providing support for our military. Read more on the CAP Volunteer Now website.

August 2013 – The United States Air Force evaluated the Alabama Wing during a practice exercise, with the Tuscaloosa Squadron Participating, giving the Wing a grade of Successful. Read the story in The Tuscaloosa News.

April 2011 – Tuscaloosa flies aerial reconnaissance missions after the April 27th tornados.

January 2011 – The Tuscaloosa Squadron participated in a Wing SAREX (Search & Rescue Exercise) to hone their skills. Read the story in The Tuscaloosa News.

June 2010 – Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. “Every day CAP pilots are flying multiple missions over 700 miles of the Gulf’s coastline, mostly to take aerial photography of the progress of the oil spill. A single CAP wing typically takes 3,000 photos each day of this crisis, and numerous wings are flying aerial reconnaissance missions.” Read more on the CAP Volunteer Now website.

May 2010 – Tuscaloosa members are among the first to respond to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

May 2010 – Tuscaloosa’s Civil Air Program Works Closely with UA Air Force ROTC. Read more on the UA News website.

February 2007 – The Tuscaloosa Squadron locates the wreckage of a downed airplane in Jefferson County. Read the story in The Tuscaloosa News.

2005 – The Tuscaloosa Squadron assisted with Hurricane Katrina. “After Katrina hit, more than 1,800 CAP members from 17 states served more than 50,000 volunteer hours performing air and ground search and rescue, critical aerial photography, transportation and evacuation. CAP pilots flew nearly 1,000 missions.” Read more …

2005 – “With Hurricane Rita having passed through Texas and Louisiana, Civil Air Patrol units from the two states are working to provide aerial damage assessments, transporting officials and supplies, and conducting search and rescue missions.” Read more …

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